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Top 10 Riskiest Behaviors Churches Engage In
10. Lack of sound transportation policies
  • Driver and vehicle selection
  • Training
  • Inspection and maintenance

9. Inadequate or non-existent written policies and procedures
  • Especially those pertaining to the selection, training and supervision of those working with children and youth
  • Having outdated policies or not covering all the areas of ministry or not following existing policies
  • Improper or unsafe use of facility by outside organizations

8. Inadequate or missing inspection and maintenance policy

  • Lack of regular and documented inspections
  • Inadequate funding to do repairs correctly or at all
  • Improper selection and use of volunteer labor

7. Improper planning and training of activities and ministries

  • Not thinking ahead and safely planning the activity
  • Inadequate training of adults
  • Improper or missing supervision

6. Improper supervision

  • Not enough people
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of attention

5. Not learning and following the law

  • Knowing and following laws that apply to churches
  • Thinking the church is above the law
  • Awareness of employment and tax issues

4. Not safeguarding equipment, valuables and money

  • Leaving equipment in the open or in unlocked closets or rooms
  • Not locking doors and leaving personal property in sight
  • Leaving offerings and petty cash accessible

3. Not following sound financial safeguard policies

  • Using the two-unrelated adult rule from collection to deposit
  • Separation between collectors, counters, treasurer and financial secretary
  • Lack of audits

2. Inadequate labor issues and policies

  • Poor personnel hiring practices or the hiring of outside contractors with no certificate of insurance
  • Not adequately supervising work being done on your property
  • Use of volunteer labor that is not trained or supervised

1. Fooling yourself into thinking,
    “It can’t happen here.”

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August 2012

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According to the National Safety Council, in 2009, 28,000 American died as a result of falls and more than 8.7 million were injjured by a fall.  At churches insured by GuideOne, falls are the most frequent cause of injuries, ranging from scraptes and bruises to fractures and even death.  More...

July 2012

Sexual misconduct is becoming a problem

Sexual misconduct in churches and schools is becoming a problem that has gained increasing attention, from the headlines to the High Court, in the last decade. 


June 2012

Make sure you are doing all you can to make your church safe.

Safeguarding Your Church

This site will give you many ideas to make your church a safer place. You want your members and guests to know that you take their safety seriously.



May 2012

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Your house of worship is a holy place, but it is not immune from the ravages of fire, accident, vandalism, weather damage and personal liability. Minor mishaps can be costly and major incidents can literally threaten your organization’s existence, but we can help you.

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